Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Hackler Flynn & Associates empowers its clients to feel protected as they create and grow their own businesses. We offer our clients protection from lawsuits by having the right agreements in place and through regulatory compliance, so that our clients can innovate and create stellar businesses for both themselves and their clients. From start-up companies to companies who have been in business for 45+ years, Hackler Flynn & Associates delivers “Wow” through superior customer service, honest communication and continuous education and support to all of our clients.  We have team values and want to share our passion for quality through our products and service. At Hackler Flynn & Associates, we invite everyone to be passionate, always innovate and view us as a partner in your business!



Our vision is to passionately be part of our clients’ businesses and develop innovative new ways of applying law for clients of every size. We strive to deliver this with such a compelling combination of honesty, two-way education and sustainable legal possibilities that we inspire every one of our restaurant clients to say, “Wow!”


Our Values

  1. Be Passionate. We passionately believe in using the law as a tool to help you in business and that a great attorney is a fundamental cornerstone of the health and happiness of a business.
  2. Always Innovate. We evolve quickly in every way, and value the creative legal process as highly as we value excellent results.
  3. Deliver Wow. We love exceeding clients’ expectations through consistent performance, honest communication, and an unwavering commitment to helping our clients achieve (and surpass!) their goals.
  4. Promote Sustainability. We believe in supporting each other and our clients for the long haul, we are thorough in our work product which allows us to help our clients make sustainable decisions for their business.
  5. Educate Each Other, Our Clients & Ourselves. We humbly respect our clients’ values and our own values – we believe that knowledge of the law and constant education of new legal developments is the key to helping our clients prosper for the common good.